Massage Client Tip #82

Massage helps with relaxing and
lengthening muscles.
If you stretch in between massages it will
help keep those muscles in a lengthen
state.  Which in turn will help with
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      Welcome to Paradise, where you'll find a community of therapists
committed to helping you attain wellness through healing touch and
massage therapy.  We offer superior service and many massage
discounts; including massage discounts for professional and student
massage therapists.

How We’re Different

      Paradise is now associated with Living Arts Massage and Bodywork
School.  As a training facility, many of our professionals are teachers
and we set the
highest standards for our work. Whether you select
student or professional services you will be in good hands.

      We offer a variety of seasonal and periodic massage discounts on
professional therapeutic massage.
Check out the specials page to
find out what is on special NOW!
Our student massage is always
available for the incredible price of only $20.

      Student or professional, we take an integrative approach to
massage based on your individual needs and condition.
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